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We, Tim & Laurie Spencer, your hosts have a two hour discussion on air every Saturday morning with you, our listeners about a myriad of subjects ranging from livestock to gardening, geo-politics to religion and also many of the items that are in the news of the day.

We try to offer practical advice based on our experiences on the farm during both good times and bad.  We simply talk with our listeners, just like we were all sitting around the wood stove at the country store up the road. Grab yourself a cop of coffee next Saturday morning and join us - we would sincerely enjoy hearing from you!

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Last Show 17/02/18

Gardening, gardening and more gardening with Rik Schmidt and Laurie & Tim.  Other topics discussed were protecting raised garden beds from rodents, mini-greenhouse ideas, the silver maarket and the recent mass shootings in Florida. Las Vegas and Texas.  Listen here:  https://freedom.social/ftvVideo-RuralSurvivalShow-28247

Next Show 24/02/18

Author and Maine State Master Guide Steve Whitman will be joining us - look forward to true tales of adventure and miracles.     Click here to listen live on-line at 10:00 AM Central on Saturday morning!

10/02/18  We have plenty of our proprietary survival library flash drives in stock now.  Over 1,570 books and documents on one flash drive - click here for the index and click here for all other information on the Survival Library Flash Drive.

02/01/18 Duplicate archives now being posted on Freedom-Tube in case "something happens" to our YouTube Channel

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