What the show is...

The Rural Survival Show is two hours of talk radio with live call-ins from all over North America.  Unless we have a special guest, the callers set the subject matter, we call it "caller's choice".  The show normally focuses on the many aspects of rural life, both the good and the bad.  We spend a good deal of time talking about gardening, poultry, livestock, finances, politics, geo-politics and "do-it-yourself" stuff (that we all do out of necessity out here on the farm).  Please join us some Saturday morning, we would really like to hear from you!

The RuralSurvival Show is a production of RuralSurvival.info℠ in cooperation with the Republic Broadcasting Network By clicking on the logo to the left you can visit RuralSurvival.info℠ for hundreds of free downloads and articles.  We hope that you can make time to visit us soon.

  • Airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM Central.
  • Show live call in number is +1 (800) 313-9443  Nearly all of our shows are "open lines" or "caller's choice" so feel free to call in on about any subject you might care to talk about.

The many ways to listen to the show are:

  • Click here to listen live on-line.
  • iPhone and Android can call +1 (605) 562-5111
  • Android only: +1 (712) 775-6827
  • Satellite Listeners:  KU-Satellite Galaxy 19, Frequency 11836, Symbol Rate 20.770 @ 97 degrees west, Identifier “RBN1”.

10/02/18  We have plenty of our proprietary survival library flash drives in stock now.  Over 1,570 books and documents on one flash drive - click here for the index and click here for all other information on the Survival Library Flash Drive.

02/01/18 Duplicate archives now being posted on Freedom-Tube in case "something happens" to our YouTube Channel

Please help us stay on the air!  Just like everyone else in the business, we have a myriad of expenses to cover to stay on the air.  We both really enjoy taking your calls, but enjoyment and good fellowship does not pay the bills.  If you feel that you can help, please click here.

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